I have delivered to thousands of individuals through classes, presentations, and group problem-solving.

Being autistic myself puts me in a unique position to be able to directly speak from my own experience, this combined with the collective experience of all the clients I've worked, means I can with can provide invaluable insights into your challenges. 

Some of my past clients include:

Autism is a big subject, and what's important to me is that your staff get the information they need to feel confident resolving the issues they currently face.

It's for this reason I find loosely structured sessions best; these allow me to cover the basics of autism and engage in group discussions with staff. This ensures that the information is relevant and that strategies can be applied straight away. 

I've provided a list of possible talking points below to give you some ideas of how I can help.

So whether you're interested in a general workshop about autism or something more specific:
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Autism in The Workplace


Co-occurring conditions (OCD, ADHD, etc)



Sensory Processing


Mental Health    

Sexuality, Identity, & lgbtq+ 

Physical Health

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