What is Smell?

Smell is our olfactory sense; we can make judgments about our environments based on what we can smell, for example we can smell some leftover food to see if it has gone bad. 

What does under-sensitivity look like?

- not noticing when you need to bathe or shower 

- not noticing when food has gone bad 

- liking very strong smelling things 

- liking very strong foods, and not enjoying foods that don't have a strong taste

What helps?

- avoiding places with very strong smells 

- using unscented soaps and hygiene products 

- eating foods that don't have strong smells 


What does over-sensitivity look like?

- disliking strong smells 

- finding smells offensive that other people barely notice 

- not liking certain deodorants or body sprays 

- feeling the need to shower often 

- not being able to go into certain places as the smell is too overpowering 

What helps?

- having a regular personal hygiene schedule 

- having foods with strong smells and tastes 

- scented items to use to cover up bad smells 

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